DePauw University

Greencastle, IN

DePauw University

Company Overview

For more than 175 years, DePauw University has been changing lives. We bring students from diverse backgrounds together with first-class faculty to create future leaders.

We are firmly committed to linking our strong liberal arts education to life's work, preparing our students for achievement in an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing world. But we do more than prepare students to make a living; our liberal arts education prepares students to make a life. Our students go on to uncommon success and understand the significance of the life well lived.

We invite you to visit, soon and often, to get more information about the programs and activities available to you here and about DePauw's long history of creating learners and leaders. Welcome.

DePauw's Mission

DePauw University develops leaders the world needs through an uncommon commitment to the liberal arts.

DePauw's diverse and inclusive learning and living experience, distinctive in its rigorous intellectual engagement and its global and experiential learning opportunities, leads to a life of meaning and means. DePauw prepares graduates who support and create positive change in their communities and the world.

DePauw's Vision

As a great place to learn, live and work, DePauw will become a university of choice and distinction known for the integration of its rigorous liberal arts curriculum and robust co-curriculum and its unique commitment to the success of each student.

Culture and Community

Our ability to attract and retain students, faculty and staff is dependent upon our ability to provide an inclusive, welcoming, diverse and committed living and learning community. Our ability to thrive as a community is also contingent on our relations with the city of Greencastle in which our college is situated. Building pride in DePauw and Greencastle will be key to the well-being and development of our community. Developing and committing to a people-centered learning community that values talent, innovation, and contribution and is guided in its decision making by data and financial stewardship will make us a great place to learn, live and work that will attract and retain accomplished students, faculty and staff to DePauw.