ASDOH - Assistant Professor, General Dentist CCU Clinical Faculty

Mesa, AZ

A.T. Still University

A.T. Still University's Arizona School of Dental and Oral Health (ATSU-ASDOH) is seeking qualified applications for Assistant Professor, General Dentist on the Mesa, Arizona campus. The Assistant Professor will conduct teaching, patient care, scholarly and service activities in support of the mission, goals and objectives of the School and University with primary responsibility to facilitate the students’ clinical experience from foundational knowledge and clinical skills to demonstrating competency in patient-centered care that integrates biomedical, behavioral and clinical sciences.
Job Duties/Responsibilities:
  • General – promote an atmosphere of respect, collegiality, commitment to diversity and social justice, and humanistic learning environment.
  • General – conduct teaching, scholarship, service and patient care in support of the mission and goals of ASDOH and ATSU.
  • Teaching – clinical supervision as a general dentist in the CCUs or other ASDOH clinics; effectively carry out lecture, seminar, preclinical and clinical assignments as assigned.
  • Service – Participate in committees, faculty governance, professional societies and associations, and community events.
  • Scholarship - As workload allows, establish and maintain activity in area of expertise.
  • Clinical Supervision: Provide clinical supervision of predoctoral dental students in patient care activities within the scope of general dentistry.
  • Documentation: Complete documentation on student performance and progress towards competency; review and approve EHR.
  • Enforce clinic policy including infection control, quality improvement, risk management, recordkeeping, etc & assure safety
  • Provide direct patient care that supports community service, efficient clinic operations, student education, or when in the best interest of the patient (e.g: treatment is too complex for assigned student provider).
  • Instruct students in the simulation clinic as assigned; collaborate with Course Director on assessment of student performance.
  • Effectively carry out lecture, seminar and clinical assignments and responsibilities as assigned, including appropriate student assessment.
  • Be readily available to students for mentoring and consultation.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned.



Doctorate or better in Dental Surgery, DDS or related field.


Mentoring Advanced
Self-Direction Intermediate
Organization Strategies Advanced
Communication Advanced


3 year(s): Experience in private practice or advanced graduate training as a general dentist or prosthodontist; Experience in clinical dental teaching is preferred. Posted: 09/17/2021