Dental Hygiene Clinical, Adjunct Faculty

Dundalk, MD

Community College of Baltimore County

This position is an adjunct dental hygiene clinical instructor with dental hygiene students during clinical rotations on campus. Under the supervision of the Dental Hygiene Program Director and working directly with the dental hygiene clinic coordinator, clinical dental hygiene instructors will be responsible for the dental hygiene clinical instruction in the areas of dental hygiene care process including clinical skills and evaluation of clinical procedures. In addition to these responsibilities, dental hygiene clinical instructors will find themselves performing as role models for students and public relations with patients. On occasion, an instructor will need to give direct patient care, such as removing a difficult area of calculus, as part of a teaching-learning situation.

1. Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and three years clinical dental hygiene practice or currently enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program at an accredited institution and three years clinical dental hygiene practice or associate degree in dental hygiene with 10 years of clinical dental hygiene practice.

2. Licensed to practice Dental Hygiene in the State of Maryland, or be eligible for licensure.

3. Licensed to provide local anesthesia and monitor nitrous oxide as outline in the Maryland State Dental Practice Act.

4. Knowledgeable of current technologies in clinic and appropriate to the area of instruction.

5. Possess knowledge of, and demonstrates proficiency in, current concepts in dental hygiene, dental hygiene education, clinical instruction, general dentistry, and clinical practice.

1. Fulfills department and College responsibilities as directed by the program director and/or Dean of the School of Health Professions and abides by College and department policies and philosophies.

2. Ensures that instruction meets or exceeds standards established by the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation.

3. Upholds expected standards of professionalism, quality, and ethics and in so doing serves as a role model for students.

4. Remains in clinic for the duration of all clinical sessions.

5. Employs a variety of teaching methods in order to meet the varied learning styles of students.

6. Supervises all care/treatment plans developed by students and approved by clinic faculty as outlined in the Maryland State Dental Practice Act.

7. Supervises and grades clinical monitor duties performed by students.

8. Administers and grades clinical skills in accordance with course objectives identified in the course syllabus.

9. Monitors student performance on a periodic basis and provides feedback to students in a reasonable amount of time.

10. Follow the dental hygiene student clinic handbook policies and procedures and works in partnership with faculty and program director to update as needed.

11. Provide consultation on medical histories of new and recall clients.

12. Supervises students during the administration of local anesthesia and monitoring of nitrous oxide for clinic patients.

13. Work in partnership with dental hygiene supervising dentist to authorize radiographs to meet patient's needs.

14. Evaluate and grade dental radiographs, adjunctive oral clinical skills in accordance with course objectives.

15. Respond to emergency situations and implements emergency procedures.

16. Share information about students' needs, attendance and achievements with the director and other faculty members.

17. Assume responsibility for own continuing education by participation in workshops, seminars, regional and/or national meetings.

18. Attend regularly scheduled department meetings.

19. Participate in trainings, orientations and college required activities.

20. Assist in dental hygiene program accreditation process.

21. Perform other duties delegated by the Faculty Program Director of Dental Hygiene.

22. Supports the College and Dental Hygiene mission and initiatives.
Posted: 06/24/2022