Graduate Faculty - Anesthesia

Rootstown, OH

Northeast Ohio Medical University

This non-tenure track part-time faculty position will be filled at the instructor, assistant or associate professor level, dependent upon qualifications. Curricular and teaching responsibilities will be within the College of Graduate Studies. The position requires understanding and oversight of curriculum content, evaluation and performance outcomes. 
The successful applicant is expected to dedicate his/her time to the role of faculty member for NEOMED’s College of Graduate Studies program entitled Master of Medical Science in Anesthesia (MMSc-A). This graduate program will prepare and train students in the science and practice of anesthesia to be qualified as Certified Anesthesiologist Assistants (CAAs). The role must demonstrate a strong commitment to education. 
All faculty are expected to provide Service to the University by actively participating in service obligations designed to enhance the mission of the department, College and University, and the profession. Serve on department, College, and University committees as deemed appropriate.
Northeast Ohio Medical University is an AA/EEO Employer. The university has a strong commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion and to maintaining working and learning environments that are free from all forms of discrimination. Women, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.
Principal Functional Responsibilities
1) Teaching: 
Participate in graduate student education based on areas of expertise. Contribute to the following: 
• Develop and implement curricula using appropriate learning strategies and educational pedagogy. 
• Deliver basic and clinical sciences content using innovative and effective techniques to engage students and enhance learning. 
• Understand and incorporate educational best practices as well as national standards for all teaching and learning activities. 
• Collaborate with clinical faculty to ensure course content is grounded in both medical and basic sciences. 
• Collaborate with the course directors to: link session content to established course objectives, identify curricular deficiencies and modify content accordingly, participate in activities that assure courses are horizontally and vertically integrated and aligned with program accreditation standards, understand and incorporate educational best practices as well as national standards for all teaching and learning activities 
• Evaluating the success of your teaching efforts will be based on student achievement and professional growth; student evaluations; and peer evaluations from University faculty. 
2) Administrative or Clinical Work: 
• Collaborate with Course Directors and curricular governance regarding identified areas of concern in curricular content. 
• Provide academic leadership for the course. 
• Understand accreditation standards relevant to course and ensure standards are adhered to. 
• Adhere to curricular governance policies and procedures for teaching and course leadership. Orent and ensure adherence to standards by course faculty. 
• Represent the course on all related academic committees. 
• Course design and approval (including budget) 
• Student feedback, assessment, and safety. 
• Course evaluation. 
• Provide orientation and faculty development opportunities to address teaching and learning needs for self and course faculty. 
3) Perform other duties as assigned
• Graduate degree required from a regionally accredited institution in the discipline of anesthesiology. 
• Recent Practice Experience 
• Current NCCAA certification 
• Eligible for Licensure as an AA in Ohio 
• Academic leadership experience in a university setting or equivalent professional leadership in a clinical role preferred. 
• Teaching experience in a university setting.
Key Skills, Personal Characteristics, and Key Competencies
Key Skills, Knowledge and Personal Characteristics: 
• Evidence of teaching expertise including student feedback/evaluations, if available 
• Demonstrable experience with simulation training of allied health trainees. 
• Demonstrable teaching skills in one on one, small group and large group instruction 
• Understanding of and/or interest in current approaches to medical education and student assessment 
• Willingness to collaborate with faculty across disciplines and promote integrative learning 
• Ability to conduct and publish high quality scholarship 
• Ability to work with groups/individuals with diverse backgrounds 
Key Competencies: 
• Educator/scholar: Able to teach students in a variety of lecture-based, small-group, and individual contexts and across multiple content areas. 
• Communication: Builds and maintains open, transparent and effective lines of communication, within and outside the University, to better serve others in all interactions; appropriately tailor written and verbal messages to target audiences. 
• Service Excellence: Maintains focus on service excellence in all relationships with colleagues, students and NEOMED guests; views all interactions as a potential opportunity for demonstrating NEOMED’s focus on serving others. 
• Business Acumen: Demonstrates a clear understanding of all areas affecting the University’s business (teaching, research, service) – customers (i.e., students, faculty, community), resources, educational trends, new advances – and uses skills in planning, prioritization, decision-making, and resource allocation to drive desired results. 
• Teamwork: Builds and maintains positive working relationships, within individual work groups and across departments, through open communication and collaboration; works with others to accomplish goals and objectives. 
• Customer Service: Provides high-quality customer service in all relationships with colleagues (inside and outside his/her department, students, NEOMED guests, and leaders; views all interactions as a potential customer service opportunity. 
• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion/DE&I: Practices inclusion of those unique human qualities that are different from our own and outside the groups to which we belong; respects and values all people, nurtures open dialogue between those of differing perspectives; and empowers people to express themselves and show an appreciation of others. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)at NEOMED includes in addition to the dimensions of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation, it also includes socioeconomic status, physical attributes and abilities; political, cultural, and intellectual ideologies and practices. 
• Civility: Civility at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) involves treating people with dignity, respect, and courtesy which involves efforts to understand differences and a general awareness of the rights, wishes, concerns and feelings of others. It involves speaking in ways that are respectful, responsible, restrained and principled, and avoiding that which is offensive, rude, demeaning or threatening.
Posted: 07/09/2021