Police Sergeant

Santa Cruz, CA

University of California, Santa Cruz

Police Sergeant

Location: Santa Cruz
Job ID: 8672

Initial Review Date (IRD)
The Initial Review Date (IRD) for this job is: 7/26/2020

UC Santa Cruz staff jobs are posted until filled. Application materials submitted by 11:59 pm on the IRD will be routed to the hiring unit for consideration. NOTE: Materials submitted after the IRD will be forwarded only at the request of the hiring unit. Submit your materials before the IRD to ensure consideration by the hiring unit.

Dept Marketing Statement
Under the direction of the Police Lieutenant, the Police Sergeant will become a member for the department's management team and will be responsible for the supervision of a team of Police Officers. 

The Police Sergeant will supervise department employees engaged in patrol, traffic, criminal investigations, crime prevention, outreach, training and development, recruitment and hiring, and other department activities. A Police Sergeant will plan work schedules and patrol/investigative strategies, advise and train employees, facilitate clear and positive communication between subordinates and management, inspect and evaluate the work of employees, prepare and deliver employee performance evaluations, perform administrative duties, supervise and direct operations in the field and unit resources and other duties as required or assigned.

The Police Sergeant will be called upon to give presentations to our campus community, sit on committees involving the campus, city or county, work dignitary protection details, conduct Internal Affairs Investigations and supervise major campus events or incidents.

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated a detailed and fundamental knowledge of modern police methods, practices and techniques with particular emphasis on the university environment; skills in working as part of a diverse team; ability to motivate others to effectively achieve department goals and objectives; ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with department members, neighboring agencies, and the campus community; possess excellent interpersonal skills and organizational skills; the ability to effectively communicate, orally and in writing to all levels of the organization ; knowledge of relevant university-wide police policies and procedures; a strong commitment to cultural, gender and racial diversity, professional ethics and integrity, and understanding of and commitment to community-oriented policing, a self-starting and self-motivated work ethic, and a reliable attendance record.

Pay, Benefits, & Work Schedule
Salary Information: $113,294.88/annually to $119,016.00/annually. Salary commensurate with skills, qualifications and experience. 
No. of Positions: 1
Benefits Level Eligibility: Full benefits
Schedule Information: 
100 % weekly
40 hours weekly
Mon-Fri, Saturday & Sunday
Employee Classification: Career
Job End Date:  None 
Work Location: UC Santa Cruz Main Campus
Union Representation:  non-represented

Job Duties

In addition to the general and individual responsibilities of an Officer, a Sergeant shall be responsible for maintaining standards and controls as prescribed by the University-wide Police Policies and Administrative Procedures, the University of California, Santa Cruz Policies and Procedures, University of California, Santa Cruz Police Policy Department Manual and General Orders and directives as set forth by the Chief of Police or designee. 

Supervise and direct the daily operation of the police patrol officers and other department members as assigned up to and including non-sworn dispatch, support staff and students.

Supervise payroll timekeeping and scheduling to ensure 24/7 patrol coverage; approve or deny Police Officer time-off requests and assign and monitor overtime as needed or required. 

Hold daily briefing with personnel; disseminate orders, policies and procedures and issue directives to all assigned personnel. Ensure the adherence to these policies and procedures and the proper performance of assigned duties. Enforce rules, regulations and policies and report violations of policies and procedures.

Lead, supervise and provide daily goal setting for personnel and units within their responsibility; lead personnel to meet the vision, mission, values and goals of the department and the University's Principles of Community. 

Review and approve crime, investigative and incident reports of subordinates to ensure correctness and thoroughness.  
Initiate police action, response to calls for service and respond to all calls which affect larger populations and take command of scene until relieved. 
Assist in the development, maintain familiarity and ensure correct interpretation and compliance with system-wide, campus and department policies, procedures and general orders.

Ensure policy and legislative changes are reviewed with subordinates and recommend policy changes as needed.

Review and evaluate reports, memoranda, letters and other written communication to determine correctness, priority and appropriateness and review and route daily supervisors' reports to keep apprised of team efforts.
Inspect performance of subordinates and units to ensure the efficient, effective and proper performance of duties, providing appropriate corrective action when necessary in accordance with the appropriate labor agreements and personnel policies for staff members.

Independently write performance evaluations.  Meet and discuss performance evaluations with assigned personnel.  Develop performance improvement plans (PIP) with management as needed.

Mentor the police personnel on effective strategies to coach and improve performance.

Initiate the immediate relief or suspension from duty of any officer or employee of the department when it is necessary to protect the welfare of the employee, the integrity of the department, or the safety of the community. 

Provide job training to ensure proper performance by assigned personnel.

Oversee assigned projects, provide resources needs projections and constantly evaluate project progression to ensure on-time completion.

Work closely with and provide leadership to employees, providing functional supervision to those employees not directly under the Sergeant's supervision.

Maintain records and forms. 

May be field incident commander for campus emergencies as assigned.  


Schedule in-service training through the Departmental Training Manager on such matters including, but not limited to: laws of arrest, sexual harassment, in-custody arrests, firearms proficiency, and other operational concerns relevant to actual performance of a task. 

Train and assign work to new and continuing employees. 

Participate in CA POST and specialized training.

Maintain a professional working relationship with other law enforcement agencies, organizations and businesses through planning and coordination of mutual, available resources. 

Coordinate police activities with other University departments in an effort to achieve the University's overall goals and objectives. 

Maintain continuity and consistency of all department functions. 

Maintain departmental standards as outlined by the Chief of Police or designee.

Establish team goals and objectives that are consistent with those set forth by the Chief of Police or designee.

Oversee training and development of assigned personnel to ensure efficient, effective and proper performance of duties and to facilitate professional development and succession opportunities.

Create and facilitate job training ensuring departmental compliance with CA POST mandates and requirements.

Provide and conduct one-on-one remedial training as necessary and provide proper recommendations for discipline if necessary.

Attend community meetings to promote department goals and missions and community safety programs.

Develop community oriented policing and problem solving programs as required. 


Achieve effective manpower utilization in terms of scheduling and monitor the organization to detect public/internal relations deficiencies. 

Monitor the material resources assigned for personnel use to ensure an adequate supply is maintained and that employees are properly using supplies and other resources per policy. 
Exercise fiscal control.

Conduct daily, quarterly and annual inspections of personnel, patrol vehicles and Operations supplies and equipment, ensuring all equipment is in working order.

Responsible for fleet maintenance, inventory control, equipment control and other University owned property.

Complete collateral duties and specialty duties as assigned.

Research, write and administer grants for units and programs in the department.

Conduct research and write professional papers and prepare presentations as directed by the Chief of Police or designee.

Participate in departmental long and short range planning.

Evaluate compliance with legislation, procedures and best practices. Develop and complete reports in compliance with training needs, the Clery Act, AB 1433, annual DOJ reports, and other compliance needs as prescribed by federal and state law and/or UC policy. 

Ensure the delivery of adequate and effective police services through internal auditing to meet regulatory requirements against standards set by federal and state law, UC policy, and POST guidelines.

Manage risk through timely and practical dissemination of legislative changes, policy changes, and POST standards.

Recognize opportunities to empower all members of the department in quality control and business improvement.


Patrol in uniform; make arrests and transport prisoners.

Conduct confidential investigations as assigned, both criminal and administrative.

Receive and process both public and departmental complaints made against employees or departmental procedures. Keep the Chief of Police or designee advised.  Complete internal affairs investigations or incident reviews as assigned.  Make recommendations to management. 

Perform Professional Standards investigations.

Conduct and/or coordinate crime scene investigations, process all evidence and investigative information, interview victims, witnesses and suspects, identify suspects, make arrests and recover lost or stolen property. Prepare crime and incident reports and conduct primary and follow-up investigations. 

Disseminate crime statistics and locations of criminal activity to maintain effective patrol strategies.

Conduct sensitive internal investigations as directed, by completing fact finding interviews with witnesses, documenting findings, and making recommendations for discipline.

Partner with other law enforcement agencies to complete sensitive investigations and monitor the process and progress of the investigations completed.

Serve as a representative on various community teams as assigned by the Chief of Police or designee.

Prepare cases for court, including meeting with the District Attorney, testify and present evidence in court.

Represent the department and provide coordination with other law enforcement agencies to assist with the protection of high profile individuals.

Coordinate, plan, staff and develop operational plans for special events.

Manage and coordinate department resource to all campus events that require a police presence. Coordinate mutual aid arrangements with other UC campuses, federal and state and local agencies.

Remain cognizant of proper, courteous and informative behavior in representing the department to the media.

Interpret, or arrange for interpretation of law, policy and procedures and the application thereof by members of the unit.


Comply with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Read and follow the UCSC Principles of Community.

Comply with the university and/or department discrimination and harassment policy.

Represent the department on interview panels with other university departments or local law enforcement agencies.

Act as a liaison, when called upon, between the department and the news media during major emergencies or crimes.

Participate in police officer hiring, screen applications, interview candidates and provide selection recommendations to the Chief of Police or designee.

Provide necessary command in the absence of a ranking officer; working such hours or performing such tasks as are assigned by a ranking officer and performing related duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications
  • Federal, state, local laws and ordinances pertaining to apprehension, arrest and prosecution; rules of search, seizure, evidences, departmental rules, regulations and employment.
  • Current principles, practices and techniques of police organization, administration, supervision and training.
  • Current police methods and procedures, including apprehension, arrest, criminal investigations, collection, presentation of evidence and police record keeping.
  • Confidentiality requirements of law enforcement and personnel information.
  • Crowd management, intervention and control tactics.
  • Laws pertaining to civil liability, privacy and human resources practices.
  • Experience supervising sworn officers as a commissioned police officer in a recognized law enforcement agency and make field based operational decisions.
  • Supervisor techniques managing personnel in a collective bargaining environment.
  • Prepare budgets and work within budgetary allowances.
  • Administer programs with minimal supervision

  • Utilize computer systems and software to prepare documents. 
  • Delegate responsibility with commensurate authority to hold staff accountable.
  • Listen, observe and ask questions to understand the diverse perspectives, interests and underlying needs of others.
  • Understand the principles, procedures and legal constraints for conducting background and internal investigations.
  • Effectively communicate both orally and in writing to all levels of management, staff, a diverse campus community and compose well-written narratives, reports, memos, policies and procedures.
  • Read and interpret legal and technical documents written in standard English (correspondence, penal codes, contract language, manuals.
  • Analyze information, situations, practices or procedures to define the objective, identify patterns, tendencies or relationships, formulate logical conclusions, solutions, alternatives and implications.
  • Set priorities while addressing deadlines or competing requirements; organize information and people to optimize efficiency.
  • Use and care of firearms assigned for use to departmental sworn.

  • Direct the daily functions, utilizing contemporary leadership practices and problem solving strategies, collaborating for best solutions.
  • Work effectively and cooperatively with the campus community, general public, diverse groups, peers, supervisors and management.
  • Build trust and demonstrate a commitment to professional ethics and integrity, promoting good public relations and customer service.
  • Maintain a professional demeanor under stressful conditions and make good decisions under rapidly changing conditions.
  • Demonstrate good judgment in decision making, upholding unpopular decisions when necessary.
  • Make oral group presentations to persuade others to accept a specific opinion, provide information and communicate complex ideas clearly.
  • Anticipate resource needs, both impromptu and planned, and work with department personnel, UC departments, first responder agencies and the community.
  • Lead, manage and set goals for personnel; work as a team to support and encourage the department's community oriented policing and problem solving philosophy.
  • Use authority fairly and equitably; maintain equanimity in the face of resistance, hostility and indifference.
  • Work with a strong commitment to the principles of community and public service.
  • Follow chain of command and dutifully follow orders; work toward goals set by the department administration for the purposes of implementing policy, procedure and protocol for improving public safety and community services.

View full job description and access on-line application:

To ensure review of application materials by the hiring unit, they must be submitted on or before the initial review date (IRD) via the Staff Employment Opportunities web site; https://jobs.ucsc.edu. A computer is available at the UC Santa Cruz Staff Human Resources Office located at Scotts Valley Center. The Scotts Valley Center is located at 100 Enterprise Way, Suite E100, Scotts Valley, CA 95066. To learn more or to request disability accommodations, call 831-459-2009. Hearing impaired are encouraged to use the California Relay Service at 800-735-2922. UC Santa Cruz is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, or protected veteran status. UC Santa Cruz is committed to excellence through diversity and strives to establish a climate that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes respect for the contributions of all students and employees.

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