Postdoctoral Associate, Gut Organoid Engineering for Drug Development

Cambridge, MA


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POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER, GUT ORGANOID ENGINEERING FOR DRUG DEVELOPMENT, Biological Engineering, to join an interdisciplinary team developing a model of human gut complete with micro biome and immune network for use in the study of acute and chronic inflammation and in drug development. This project is a collaboration with gastroenterologists who isolate primary human gut enteroids. The project focuses on defining appropriate culture protocols in an in vitro micro reactor system that includes gut micro biome, and conducting assays to understand how the barrier layer transports drugs and biological agents. The collaborative team includes biomaterials scientists, micro biome experts, and a team developing the hardware, hence the focus is on optimizing the behavior of the primary cells in assays of function. Responsibilities will include the planning and execution of experiments and the collection and analysis of samples and data related to development of an in vitro intestinal model. The focus of these experiments will be on incorporating primary intestinal cells into this in vitro intestinal model, but will also be related to interactions between the in vitro mucosal epithelium, microbes, and immune cells. Literature searching for relevant information needed to conduct and interpret experiments, and the preparation of summaries of experimental results will also be involved.

Job Requirements
REQUIRED: a Ph.D. in bioengineering, biology, or related field; experience in primary cell culture, quantitative assay development, biochemistry, imaging, and computational data analysis; excellent communication and organizational skills; and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team and to interact effectively with laboratory staff and students. Some experience in immunology and biomaterials desirable. Job #109092/25/14

To apply please click here! Posted: 01/23/2021