Postdoctoral Associate, Neurobiology and Fluorescence Imaging

Cambridge, MA


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POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, NEUROBIOLOGY AND FLUORESCENCE IMAGING, Biological Engineering, a highly motivated and detail-oriented postdoctoral research associate is sought to lead cutting-edge brain research in the laboratory of Mark Bathe . A combination of confocal, light sheet, and super-resolution fluorescence imaging is used to image primary neuronal cultures, brain tissue slices, and organoids from mouse and human samples. The lab is pursuing quantitative imaging and analysis of these samples to characterize brain structure and morphology from the single-synapse level to fiber architecture at the whole organoid- and brain-levels. It is developing novel fluorescence labeling reagents that are used in conjunction with microfluidic technologies to enable next-generation phenotypic profiling of diverse genetic models of brain development and disease. The lab is centrally interested in understanding how genetic variation related to human diseases including schizophrenia and autism impact synapse proteomic composition, circuit organization, and brain structure. Will work closely with a highly collaborative internal team of scientists and engineers as well as interact with interdisciplinary collaborators across MIT, Harvard, and Harvard Medical School.

Job Requirements
REQUIRED: a Ph.D. in biophysics, biology, bioengineering, biochemistry, chemical engineering or a related field; and extensive knowledge of, and experience in, advanced fluorescence imaging, biochemistry, molecular biology, and neurobiology. Experience with super-resolution and confocal microscopy, neuronal cell culture, staining of neuronal samples including tissues and cell cultures, image processing and analysis, basic biochemical assays (e.g., SDS page, Western Blot, etc.), and microfluidic device design and fabrication are sought. Strong interpersonal, communication, and scientific skills are essential. Job #12353Please submit a CV and cover letter describing how this position relates to past research experience. CV should describe relevant projects and skills, including a list of relevant publications and contact information for three academic references. Please send application materials to:, with the subject line "Neurobiology Postdoctoral Research Associate" in addition to applying online here.6/11/15

To apply please click here! Posted: 11/28/2020